5 advantages of investing in a franchise with DDK

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you might be looking at the benefits of investing in a franchise versus starting an independent business, or wondering what is the best franchise to buy in Australia.

There are plenty of benefits of buying a franchise. You’ll usually be up and running and generating a return faster, because a successful franchise business will have a proven model to help you get established and breaking even.

Here at Dream Doors Kitchens, we have first-hand insight into exactly how you can benefit when you become a franchisee. Read on to find out if joining a franchise business could be the right investment for you.

Why buy a franchise?

Choosing a franchise business means instant brand recognition with your customer base, a lower rate of failure, and a faster profit return.

Having the power of an existing brand behind you means there’s a pool of customers that already trust your business, so you spend less time establishing yourself, and more time focussing on making a profit. Plus, the level of support and training available through a franchise network means you’re set up for success right from the start, rather than having to build out your systems and processes from scratch.

Why choose the home renovation industry for your new business?

In a world of industries that have suffered greatly over the stretch of the pandemic, home renovation businesses have thrived. DDK is no different, having grown 25 -30% year on year throughout the pandemic.

It’s been well documented that since people have been spending more time at home, property owners want to better enjoy the spaces they’re in. From 2020 to 2022, Google searches for “home remodelling” have more than doubled. And people are following through, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that Aussies spent over a billion dollars a month for the first time ever last February (2021). This level of spending was sustained through to October that year, providing a strong market for home renovation business owners to grow.  

We’ve seen this ourselves at DDK, as our business has proven to be recession-proof over COVID. People always see the advantages and value of our signature kitchen facelift.

How DDK supports franchisees

When you become a franchisee with DDK, you’ll have access to some big advantages – like unique product offerings, a trusted, well-established brand, and perfected business operations. Let’s break this down further.

1. Existing network of strong supplier relationships

You’ll have access to a network of premium Australian suppliers committed to quality – including industry-leading brands like Caesarstone, Polytec, Tesrol, Lincoln Sentry, Nover and Hafele.

This access to an existing supplier network gives you significant buying power that you wouldn’t have as a start-up business. You’ll receive special pricing and benefits exclusive to DDK, meaning your costs are lower and your profit margins are higher. Find out more.

2. Powerful marketing right from the get go

Effective branding and marketing builds trust in your customer base, and when you join a franchise, you’ll be tapping in to customers who are already familiar with your business’ brand.

As a DDK franchisee, you’ll benefit from our significant investment in national marketing and local area advertising with our trusted partner, The Marketing Lab. They work with us to build a recognisable and reputable perception of the DDK brand within our customer demographic, and this trickles right down to a franchisee level. Find out more.

3. A proven sales pathway to drive revenue faster  

Businesses just starting out often have to go through a lot of trial and error before they crack the code on the best way to sell their product under their brand. At DDK, this is already done. We have a proven formula for high closing rates, and as a part of our network you receive extensive training on how to master it.

We know how our business runs, so our sales process compliments this perfectly. Plus, our team is always looking for ways to improve their sales techniques, so you’ll be able to develop your skills on an ongoing basis and be learning all the time. Find out more.  

4. Tried and tested business operations   

When you succeed, we succeed, so we’re here to help you be the best you can be. We’ve refined and perfected our operational model, so you can immediately benefit from our established systems and processes. 

We’ll train you so you have a solid grasp of our business operations, and understand how to use them to your advantage. This happens during your onboarding, so before you even begin, you’ll have the confidence you need to start strong.

Our franchisees and head office teams also work together to share knowledge and support one another moving forward, so you can learn from the powerful collective experience of our network. Find out more.

Ready to learn more about investing in DDK?

When you choose to invest in your own business with DDK, you’ll not only be joining a successful and profitable industry, but you’ll also have all the support and training you need to succeed.

Our team is here to answer all your questions about becoming a DDK franchisee. Contact us today to get started.

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