• Brady Morris - Sydney Northern Beaches and Inner West

    Brady Morris

    Sydney Northern Beaches and Inner West

    Becoming a DDK Franchise Owner

    They say time flies when you are having fun! It’s now 18 months of successful trading for Bree and I with our Dream Doors Franchise. The last 18 months have been action packed with great growth in sales and profit margin, growth in our market position, and growth in our experience. Our margin percentage is above budget and expectation, which we are thrilled about. After 12 months of trading, Bree and I made the decision to purchase a second Sydney franchise area. This was a big step for us but one we knew would benefit us in the years to come.

    A business to suit your lifestyle

    We started our franchise area with a modest showroom, which we have since doubled in size and are very proud of. The main road frontage has driven awareness of our brand and delivers a considerable percentage of our revenue each month. We made the decision for Bree to leave the comfort of her full-time job and join our business 4 days per week. This has been a big step for us and one that we know will pay dividends for the business. The last 18 months have been very rewarding for me and I can confidently say the decision to join Dream Doors was the right decision. It’s hard work! But very rewarding, both financially and personally.

  • Glenn Stanton - Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay

    Glenn Stanton

    Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay

    Experience prior to DDK

    I knew about franchises and had been interested for many years, and after spending several years as the franchise development manager of a major international real estate brand I was ready to try something new. The next step was to actually enquire, and seriously look at franchise opportunities and see what would stick with me and my family. So I spent around 12 to 18 months researching what businesses were available and what they cost.

    Why I chose DDK

    I was looking for something that was fairly early on in the life cycle in Australia, and not necessarily a fully established brand. I was attracted by opportunities with a low entry point financially and with opportunity as the brand grows to also grow the value of the business. Dream Doors offered me a chance to apply my experience from property development as well, and I understood the renovation market really well because I’ve been doing it for 15 to 20 years myself. The brand side of things also satisfied that marketing side of my brain. DDK was something that I understood, something that I could walk into and understand and speak the language really quickly. The profit margins were also there so I knew I was going to get a decent return on the investment that I was making into business.

  • Tien Stafidas - St. George and Sutherland Shire

    Tien Stafidas

    St. George and Sutherland Shire

    A typical Dream Doors day

    In my typical day, the first thing I have to do is get my kids out the door and off to school, and then I’m in the office by about 9:30. I’m with my staff for about 2 hours before I go off to do quotes. Then, I’m back to pick up my kids at around 3:30. Sometimes I take my kids into the showroom for about an hour. But for me, it’s a good balance in terms of family and running a business of your own.

    Best Part of Dream Doors

    The best thing about the Dream Doors business is that we’re actually solving a real problem for our customers. Being able to get out there and sell something that you know is a value proposition for the person that you’re talking to – I think that is the best part of the business. Having your own company and being able to be a part of the entire process is another great thing about the Dream Doors business. After having worked for other people for so many years, I was ready and excited to embark on my own venture.

  • Brett Campbell - Melbourne North and North East

    Brett Campbell

    Melbourne North and North East

    Getting into DDK

    I had been in the car industry for 25 to 30 years, and I just felt there was a need to do something different. A very good friend of mine was in Dream Doors at that time and he was setting his sights on bigger horizons in the Dream Doors family, and he offered me his franchise to purchase. So, I took him up in his offer and I’ve been here ever since. I love the interaction with people. I love going into people’s homes, looking at their tired, old kitchens and transforming them into something that looks really smart. I always liken it to a show home kitchen because it makes that much of a difference. And it gives me a big buzz, you know, it can transform somebody’s life.

    Satisfied with Dream Doors

    I am 100% happy. I love the Dream Doors way of life. I think it’s opened up bigger opportunities for us, and I believe it’s a good lifestyle, absolutely. You can work your own hours if you want to. You can work as hard as you like or less. And of course, the more you put in, the more you get out, so it’s very much dependent on the amount of effort you put into it.

  • Scott Morrison - Sydney Lower North Shore and Eastern Suburbs

    Scott Morrison

    Sydney Lower North Shore and Eastern Suburbs

    Finding success with Dream Doors

    When I initially made the decision and investment in the business, it was one of the biggest financial decision I have made. I had confidence in the core business and also the track record of the company. Over the past 12 months I have managed to turn over a little over one million dollars at a gross profit margin of 43%, which is a result I am ecstatic about. I put this down to a few things – the first being that I have bought into a proven business system with a gap in the market for this type of kitchen renovation work. Secondly, I have received assistance from head office in regards to the selling process and systems support and have contacts with some excellent manufacturers and suppliers. Thirdly, my sales ability which has been supported by some sales training and marketing advice from the Dream Doors team.

    Advice for Those Considering DDK

    My advice to anyone considering purchasing a dream doors franchise is that if you work hard, dedicate yourself to the business, and follow the Dream Doors systems, you will be successful. You also need to be a good communicator who can relate to people, and most importantly deliver on the promises you make. I am looking forward to my second year in business, growing what I have established and growing the Dream Doors brand throughout Sydney, which in this short time is gaining an excellent reputation for great value, quality, kitchen renovation work.

A Day In The Life

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