Ongoing Support

Team work is fundamental to the Dream Doors philosophy, so we work with our network to share knowledge and provide ongoing support. The ongoing support you will receive as a franchise owner includes:

  • National advertising in selected media from time to time to build brand awareness.
  • A telephone ‘hot-line’ to head office for advice and guidance for your business.
  • An ongoing program of research and development to keep you up to date with industry developments.
  • Analysis and review of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and advice on how to improve and build an even more successful franchise businesses. Some of the monthly KPIs we track are: sales volume, advertising spend, leads, sales conversion ratios, gross profit, net profit, and return on investment.
  • A responsive Dream Doors website with lead capturing functionality and automation, with a bespoke landing page for each franchise owner.
  • An annual conference to provide recognition and motivation to all franchise owners.
  • Online and offline marketing advice and support tailored to each franchise and aligned to the master brand.
  • Best-in-class IT systems.

For a more in-depth look into becoming a franchise owner with Dream Doors Kitchens, download our Franchisee Information Guide.